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Worked with Cathy Craig who was an absolute professional. Dedicated, focused, efficient. I thought our 60 day timeline to purchase was going to be pretty much impossible. Not for Cathy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Ian Smith
Jilliann Gainey
10:53 11 Dec 19
We were looking to buy a house and Neil Silverman from Bernstein Realty was assigned to us. Let me tell you that we could not have asked for a better agent. I know that this rating system only goes up to 5 stars, but we would rate at least a 10/5 in a heartbeat.Neil is really nice and personable. He'll always greet you with a smile and knows how to joke. But he is also very professional too when he has to be. He's very responsive in our communications whether it be through email or phone. And if he won't be available during a certain time, he will let you know ahead of time so you aren't reaching his voicemail wondering where he is. He even worked on his vacation for us even though we told him he didn't have to.Neil is very experienced as well. He knows just what to look for in a home and spot potential issues that may come up, and if there is something he's not familiar with, he's not afraid to tell you that he doesn't know and won't act like he knows more than he does. He knows what questions to ask and will protect you as a home buyer. We've really learned a lot from him these past months. I know some agents just want to close a deal as soon as possible just to get paid, but Neil will let you know in a heartbeat that the house may have some serious issues that you should be aware of and also give his thoughts and opinions for you to weigh. He is very proud of his work and will put himself in your shoes.We've also never seen anyone as hard working as Neil. I mentioned earlier that he even worked on his vacation. He really goes above and beyond. If there's questions about the house to be answered that the other agents can't provide, he will pick up the phone and call all sorts of people to get those answers. He's very proactive and he can really put the pressure on the other agent and make sure that the other agent is on track to deliver on their end of the contract. He will constantly follow up on everything to make sure there is no unforeseen issues. He will discuss any issues with his manager to come up with solutions if needed.We're very happy we had Neil as our agent. He stuck with us and worked hard for us for 3 whole months looking at several dozen houses. And every time he saw us, he had a smile on his face and was ready to work. And when we finally found the house we wanted and closed on it, he was genuinely happy for us. We would definitely recommend Neil as your agent as we wholeheartedly do not think there is anyone better than him in this world.read more
Ian Smith
Chris Le
13:14 19 Nov 19
We took a chance on Wayne Cohen after receiving a mailer from him offering a free consultation. We were immediately taken by Wayne’s grasp of our fairly unique situation. We owned a cool old house in need of a lot of TLC or perhaps we owned a teardown. It was hard to say which. There were virtually no comps in our sought after neighborhood. Wayne’s experience in this area really paid off. He was able to advise us on a list price which was higher than we’d expected. We received a cash offer in mere days and closed very quickly. Wayne is incredibly easy to work with and all in all interesting, honest, responsive, and friendly. We felt very comfortable with him immediately. We had already moved by the time our house was listed and we knew the deal was in good hands. We wholeheartedly recommend Wayne Cohen.read more
Ian Smith
Emily Standish
00:54 09 Nov 19
Wayne Cohen, from Bernstein Realty, is a great agent to have. We were able to sell our home in about the same time as when he predicted it will sell. He was always there if we needed answers and usually got back to you in a timely manner. He was always honest with me about any issues that he saw coming. Overall great person to work with. Oh yes I forgot to mention this was the second time we worked with Wayne since he was the agent that found me that house in the first place.read more
Ian Smith
Victor Figueroa
17:38 29 Oct 19
My family recently moved to Houston from NY. My employer arranged to have Mr. Neil Silverman as our realtor. I have to say that we were extremely fortunate to have him as my buyer's agent. As this was my first purchase of a house, I didn't have much information or knowledge. At the same time, I needed to fly back and forth from Houston to Buffalo to wrap up my work, which was quite hectic. Neil worked with my wife and two young boys without any issues while I was away. We were about to close on a house, but a few days before the closing date, the house had flooding, and we needed to terminate the contract and start everything from scratch. While this was painful and costed a lot of money, Neil was professional to start over and led us to purchase another house smoothly. He is professional and knowledgeable. He responds to questions and addresses concerns very quickly. He is a good communicator and responds to emails, texts, and phone calls very well. I highly recommend Neil!!!read more
Ian Smith
Sunyoung Lee
21:31 01 Oct 19
Wayne Cohen surpasses any expectations by far - extremely responsive, knowledgeable, proactive, and just a pleasure to work with. Felt completely comfortable through entire process thanks to Wayne. 120% recommend!
Ian Smith
Jesus Duran
17:06 26 Sep 19
It's been a great pleasure to work with Wayne Cohen. Over the last couple of years, our family's needs have changed and adapted to new challenges and circumstances. No matter how big or small the engagement, Wayne has always responded with utmost professionalism and absolute care, accommodating new requests and providing carefully selected options. Always available, prompt in his replies, accurate in his responses, impeccably punctual! It's been a relief to put him in the 'driver seat' of our (multiple) real estate pursuits. I could not recommend him more highly. Paola Ferrari, Houstonread more
Ian Smith