We had an amazing time at our 2019 Bernstein Realty Award’s Luncheon!🎉 Congratulations to all of the award winning agents, we are so proud of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication to Bernstein Realty. We also announced our 2019 Top Producer, Cathy Craig, who has now been our Top Producer for 3 Years in a row! We are so proud of you and your commitment to excellence and amazing talent! 🏆

Award-winning agents not pictured: Cathy Scherer, Mark McNitt, Wayne Cohen, Neil Silverman and Billy Bishop

On Friday, January 24th, Amy Bernstein, President of Bernstein Realty, hosted the company’s Annual Awards Luncheon at Tony’s in Houston. This luncheon is a special time for the agents to come together and celebrate their accomplishments and success from the previous year. This year, Cathy Craig was awarded the highest honor of “Top Producer” for 2019.

Amy Bernstein presented the company’s top 5 agents of 2019 with the Achievement of Excellence Award, in alphabetical order: Cathy Craig, Cathy Derrick, Mark McNitt, Trent Johnson, and Wayne Cohen.

Mark McNitt was also awarded at the Top Sales Agent for Seller’s Representation, Top Listing Agent for Sales and Sales Achievement for Buyer’s Representation. Cathy Craig and Wayne Cohen won awards for Sales Achievement for Seller’s Representation and Listing Achievement for Sales. Cathy Craig also won an award for Sales Achievement for Buyer’s Representation. Trent Johnson wan the Award for Top Sales Agent for Buyer’s Representation. Neil Silverman won the award for Top Listing Agent for Leases and Billy Bishop and Thea McShay won the award for Listing Achievement for Leases. Melinda Gordon won the award for Top Leasing Agent. Cathy Scherer won an award for Leasing Achievement, Largest Production increase in Transaction Volume as well as the Shining Star award. Kenneth Kottwitz also won the award for Leasing Achievement as well as the Shining Star award. Julie Brann won the award for Largest Production Increase in Dollar Volume. Susan McCauley won the award for the Highest Dollar Sale of the year. Amanda Cruser won the award for the company’s Rising Star.

An additional award was presented this year. Mark McNitt was the recipient of the Heart Award. Every day, Mark not only exemplifies excellence in his own career, he graciously shares his time, knowledge and passion for real estate with other agents to help them succeed.

Many milestone anniversaries were also recognized at the Awards Luncheon. Bob Murdock and Janice Ratliff celebrated 30 years with Bernstein Realty. Donna Neely and Estelle Elles celebrated 25 years. Elyssa Schnurr celebrated 15 years and Wayne Cohen celebrated 10 years. Scott Minchen, Tony Lynn Giammalva, and Billy Bishop all celebrated their 5-year anniversaries with the company.

On behalf of all the agents and staff, Mary Piper presented Amy Bernstein with a personalized gift with messages from everyone at Bernstein Realty. This is a special month as Amy celebrates her 35th anniversary of opening the doors to Bernstein Realty. Piper thanked her for her leadership, unwavering support and dedication to Bernstein Realty.

Amy concluded the luncheon by recognizing and expressing her gratitude and appreciation towards the agents and staff and thanked them for their contributions to the company for a successful 2019, along with wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2020 and new decade!