Family, friends and coaches have known how good Carson Pyle, 17, is at playing volleyball. This summer her mom, Roxanne Gabriel Pyle of Bernstein Realty, traveled with her to Hawaii for a tournament and came home with an athletic and academic scholarship toHawaii Pacific University to commence in 2015.

The trip didn’t start out well.

“Hawaii was under a treat of two hurricanes predicted to arrive the same weekend we were scheduled to land. At one point we didn’t even know if the trip would happen,” Pyle said.

“Volleyball is a team sport, and Carson is surrounded by enormous talent and a team that gets along. Coach Beth Gammill at Memorial High School keeps the girls grounded and knows what she’s doing,” Pyle said. But Carson, at 6 feet 2 inches, clearly stood out to the college coaches there for more than her height.

“Carson is my only child, and being (with) a single mom for most of her life it will be a huge adjustment. It was her dream to play in college and be near a beach, I just didn’t think it would be Hawaii. That being said, it’s an incredible opportunity and we will figure it out,” Pyle said.

Some might say Pyle is a master at figuring things out. In spite of spending a third of the month in Hawaii, she was Bernstein’s top sales agent for August.

“I’m conditioned to keeping a lot of balls in the air. If I can negotiate deals while sitting in the stands in Houston, why not Hawaii? Plus, I have 100 percent support from my broker, Amy Bernstein.”

When Carson’s 6-foot 10-inch father played basketball, 5-foot 3-inch Pyle stayed on the sidelines.

“I was a cheerleader then and remain one today in the stands,” she said.