Realtor® offers hope, help after the storm

Jewish Herald Voice on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Written By: Judy Levin

I have had this on my calendar for months, and I planned to write about selling your home in this market, how the Houston market has gotten stronger in the last year and some thoughts about what we have to look forward to as the holidays approach.

Then, everything changed! I know you all have been deluged with news reports, articles, pictures, live shots, social media and disasters beyond belief, as Harvey came through Houston. With that said, I know that you are still watching and reading multiple stories every day.

We all knew it was coming, and prepared as well as we could, but that was not enough for so many. There really are no words to describe the devastation.

I am writing this on Sept. 3, and I just read in the Chicago Tribune that “Harvey did not discriminate in its destruction. It raged through neighborhoods rich and poor, black and white, upscale and working class. Across Houston and surrounding communities, no group sidestepped its paralyzing deluges and apocalyptic floods.”

I could go on and on with quote after quote, and story after story.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness our city has shown. I have many clients who are not from Houston, and many who are from out of the country. They cannot believe how Houston and the surrounding areas have pulled together and helped, day after day. And, it appears that help will go on for a long time. We have so many to thank for reaching out, for making contributions, fundraising on their own, and for just lending a hand.

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