HOUSTON – (By Michelle Leigh Smith, Realty News Report) – Easy upkeep. Great views. And you’ll never have to worry about flooding. More homebuyers are asking: What’s not to like about condominiums?

“Condo sales seem to have picked up quite a bit in 2017,” says Amy Bernstein of Bernstein Realty of Houston. “Harvey played a big part in this, as many people that experienced flooding might have been thinking about making this lifestyle change move, but were not quite ready to do so yet. Harvey gave them the push they needed.”

And if the condo is in a new tower, so much the better.

“The brand new condo projects are appealing because they have today’s design features and modern amenities that appeal to buyers, said Bernstein. “They are exciting because they are built with an open concept.”

The condo-craze is a statewide phenomenon.

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