Bernstein Realty’s Laura Perlman recently wrote an article that was featured in The Jewish Herald Voice. In the optimistic piece, Perlman says, “I am a longtime Houston resident with a history in Meyerland. As an infant, I came from the hospital to my home on Manhattan Drive. I proudly attended Lovett Elementary, but, the building was a bit different from the beautiful facility of today. I had many dear friends and family that were on the south side of the bayou, so I spent many hours on that side of Meyerland, as well. I have an undeniable bond and fond memories of the area.

So, this got me thinking. How can we see the forest for the trees? After the flood, the remediation and the renovation and, for some of us, times two, we have not been able to see the forest. We are so knee deep in our repairs/insurance claims/FEMA and our other daily necessities that we have not had the chance to see the possibilities presented. But, are there possibilities?” Click here to read Perlman’s full article and her thoughts for the area.