Your Home is a Valuable Investment. We value your investment.

Bernstein Realty is committed to assisting you every step of the way in the successful sale of your home. With extensive knowledge of home sales, neighborhood trends and a wealth of experience, Bernstein Realty is invaluable to you in determining the fair market price for your home. Your agent will assist you with ideas to prepare your home for sale, develop a customized marketing plan and negotiate the best terms for your sale.

Moving Checklist

Choosing a licensed and experienced Realtor®, who is committed to making the sale of your home a smooth process is one of the most important decisions you will make. Today, there is a wealth of information and many tools available on the internet. The need for expert service, advice and guidance still remains in this technological age. Your Bernstein Realty agent will navigate you through the complexities of the home selling process with your best interests as a priority. Bernstein Realty agents have assisted Sellers in the Houston area for over 30 years and are devoted and dedicated to creating a customized plan to sell your home in the shortest period of time for best possible price.

Your Bernstein Realty agent can assist you with the sales process and determine the value of your home and offer you thoughtful suggestions regarding the preparation of your home prior to placing it on the market. With your goals and needs in mind, your Bernstein Realty agent will make recommendations to ensure that your home is shown at its very best. The condition of your home is equally as important as the price when it comes to factors leading to a successful sale.

Your Bernstein Realty agent will work diligently with you to create a customized marketing plan for your home. This plan will include marketing your home to the Houston real estate community and consumers. The goal is to develop a plan with a strong internet presence, that will drive interest, showings, and ultimately, the successful sale of your home.